Hoverbike technology display at the British Embassy

Malloy Aeronautics showcased the Hoverbike TRV50 model at the British Embassy in Washington DC. This new VTOL vehicle of the Hoverbike family provides all the benefits of autonomous aerial logistics at a smaller and easily deployable scale.

Dr William Roper views Hoverbike at ARL

Dr. William Roper, director of the Strategic Capabilities Office at Office of the Secretary of Defense and members of his staff visited the U.S. Army Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, Jan. 10 and watched a test flight of the Malloy Aeronautics Hoverbike.

Hoverbike at Unmanned Warrior

Malloy Aeronautics took the Hoverbike to the outer Hebrides this October for the Royal Navy Unmanned Warrior event.

We showcased our 2nd generation Hoverbike, along side other cutting edge technologies, showing how our vehicle can lift large payloads and deliver these payloads autonomously at the push of a button.

This event allowed us to show how perfectly suited our Hoverbike vehicle is to the navy and logistics environment, showcasing the automated flight of the Hoverbike and the remote deployment of a large inflatable life raft.

Hoverbike at US Army ARL

Our 2nd generation vehicle was at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, where officials showed it off to the director of Program Innovation, Maj. Gen. Jim Richardson, a master Army aviator and attack helicopter pilot

‘We perform the foundational research with emphasis on unique Army problems,’ Dr. Philip Perconti, acting ARL director, briefed Richardson.

‘What we do informs Army investments for future warfighting capabilities.’

Lieutenant Governor Visits SURVICE & Hoverbike

On 12 August 2016, Maryland Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford and members of his staff visited one of SURVICE’s facilities in Belcamp, MD.  During the visit, which was made in conjunction with the delegation’s trip to nearby Aberdeen Proving Ground, SURVICE briefed Lt. Gov. Rutherford on the status of several ongoing projects, including the widely acclaimed Hoverbike program.

Mr. Chris Malloy, managing director of Malloy Aeronautics and the principal Hoverbike designer, was also in attendance during the visit to field questions.

SURVICE Engineering is a strategic partner with Malloy Aeronautics, and SURVICE leverages the secure high-bay and laboratory space at their SURVICE Metrology facility for many of their most guarded research and development activities.

Hoverbike at Farnborough Airshow

The 2nd generation Hoverbike was on display at the 2016 Farnborough airshow.

Maryland Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford, second from right, visits the Hoverbike booth.  The Hoverbike is being developed for the US Army in partnership with Belcamp-based SURVICE Engineering.

One of the primary applications of the Hoverbike for the US Army is to resupply soldiers in the field, particularly in harsh or hazardous environments. It is designed to carry 130kg of payload, which can provide a tactically significant amount of supplies to forward deployed troops. With regular, dependable, and on-demand resupply, soldiers can lighten their load and reduce their exposure to threats.

This drone technology is part of an ongoing collaboration with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC). The aim of this effort is to keep the U.S. military at the forefront of autonomous unmanned systems.

Hoverbike on tour in the US

In March 2016 the Hoverbike made its way across many states across the east coast of the USA.

On 15-17 March, the full-scale P2 and 1/3rd scale model Drone3 Hoverbikes gained much attention as one of the Army’s featured displays at the annual Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) Global Force Symposium & Exposition held in Huntsville, AL.

In support of the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), the Hoverbike is being collaboratively developed by Malloy Aeronautics and SURVICE under contract with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.  It is one of the leading concepts for the Army’s Picatinny Pallet Sustainment Aerial Mobility Vehicle (SAMV).  The Picatinny Pallet is intended to support unmanned assured logistics resupply by providing an affordable, modular aerial platform organic to traditional ground-based units.

Other stops on the Hoverbike tour included Fort Benning, GA; Fort Bragg, NC; Quantico, VA; and Fort Lee, VA.

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