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Malloy Aeronautics in the news June 2016:

Hoverbike at paris airshow

Press Release:



U.K.-based Malloy Aeronautics opens office in Maryland

ANNAPOLIS, MD (June 16, 2015) – At the Paris Air Show, Maryland Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford joined with SURVICE Engineering Co., a Belcamp, Md.-based defense firm, and U.K.-based Malloy Aeronautics, an aeronautical engineering firm, to announce that the two companies have teamed up on the development of Hoverbike technology for the U.S. Department of Defense. SURVICE and Malloy are working on the Hoverbike as part of an ongoing research and development contract with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. The Hoverbike is being developed to operate as a new class of Tactical Reconnaissance Vehicle (TRV).

As part of this strategic alliance, Malloy Aeronautics has also announced that they have established a U.S. office in Belcamp adjacent to Aberdeen Proving Ground to complete work on the Hoverbike. A model of the Hoverbike is on display at the Paris Air Show, which runs through June 21.

“I am pleased to join with SURVICE Engineering and Malloy Aeronautics to announce their partnership on the Hoverbike, which represents a new frontier in aviation,” said Lt. Governor Rutherford. “We are also very excited to welcome Malloy and look forward to working with them to grow their operations in Maryland.”

“Establishing an office in Maryland was a clear business decision,” said Chris Malloy, managing director of Malloy Aeronautics. “The proximity to the Army Research Laboratory and U.S. defense decision makers, access to the world-class facilities through the laboratory’s Open Campus initiative, and the co-location with our strategic business partner, SURVICE Engineering, were all factors in favor of Maryland as the best choice for Malloy Aeronautics.”

“Maryland companies do a tremendous amount of research and development (R&D) for the U.S. military,” said Jeff Foulk, SURVICE chief executive officer. “If there is a new military technology being developed, there’s a good chance that some aspect was designed, built or tested in Maryland.”

With about 400 employees, SURVICE is a specialty engineering firm that has been providing R&D support for the U.S. Department of Defense and other industry sectors for more than 30 years. Formed in 2012, Malloy Aeronautics is an entrepreneurial aerospace company that develops, markets, and sells drones and Hoverbike technology to commercial and military markets.

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory is the nation’s premier laboratory for land forces and is part of the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, which has the mission to develop technology and engineering solutions for America’s Soldiers.  RDECOM is a major subordinate command of the U.S. Army Materiel Command.


(from the left) Michael Gill, Lt. Governor Rutherford, Hoverbike’s Grant Stapleton, Mark Butkiewicz and Bruce Simon from Survice and Curtis Fullmer

(Photo credit: Paul Ridden / Gizmag.com)

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Customer Drone

A Californian customer of ours (Steve Mandel) received his Kickstarter Drone3 in February this year and emailed us yesterday with a photo of his new Drone3 in flight – with a new test pilot.
I am sure this will bring a smile to your face!


Photo courtesy of Steve Mandel

Getting there with your drones.

Hi Everyone,

Slowly getting there with your drones.
As you can see, all the centre sections of the vehicles have been built, and we are working our way through the ductings. We are hoping to ship all the earlybirds this Friday (excluding those waiting for the lights mod).

We should have all the non-earlybird drones out through the month of February.
The lights modification is currently being worked on, and will be hopefully ready mid Feb. We really do apologise for the delays and hope you will appreciate the hand crafted and individually assembled nature of your Drone3, and the time taken to make it.

On another note – the big brother of your drone, will be on the test stand next week, and will start the tuning of the flight controller. Hopefully late February we will start the first tethered flight. We want to remind you that it was in part thanks to your funds that helped us get this far, and that this has given us the finances to start test flying.
We should also say that while we are working very hard (12 hours day 6 days a week for some of us) it has been very hard devoting enough time to your drones to ensure you get them on time, and to find the spare time to work on the full scale – part of the reason you helped fund us in the first place. We hope we have struck the right balance. If we have not please let us know.
Kind Regards

Chris, Grant, Will, Dom, Kasia and the rest of the extended Hoverbike Team.


Drone 3 Production Status: It Has Begun!

Hey everyone!

A quick update to let you know that everything is under way to begin production of our Hoverbike Drone3.

The parts for have already begun to arrive. Its difficult to describe how exciting it is to finally see it all coming together, receiving boxes of shiny new parts each day and putting them into the production line!

So, everything is still on track according to our original delivery schedule for those customers that have already placed orders with us and we cannot wait to get your drone built, tested and shipped to you!

Of course this now also means that once production is under way, and we have shipped all our existing orders, we will then hold stock of our Drones ready to ship, for all of you that want your own Hoverbike Drone. We will also have a full compliment of spare parts, So, if you wanted your own Hoverbike before Christmas, its probably best to get your orders in right away so that we can be sure to get them to you by Christmas.

Best regards, Chris, Grant and the Hoverbike Team

Technician / Test Pilot Needed

Malloy Aeronautics Ltd is looking for a Technician for our UAV team;

Job Specification*
In response to a recent vehicle contract, we need to expand our team to include a technician who will work in part of a small team and help with the building and test flying our range of UAV/drones.
You will also be asked to liase with our engineers to build and prototype custom vehicles, and help with the empirical testing of scale model and full sized subsystems.
To do this you will need to have experience with aluminium, plastics and carbon composites, so as to drill, cut and fabricate parts when needed. Your attention to detail when fabricating is a must.
As you will be test flying our production drones and custom vehicles you will be a confident pilot, preferably with 3D/acro experience.
To be considered for this role of technician, you must have:

Previous experience of working in a similar technician role (or being able to demonstrate equivalent experience)

UAV/Drone flying experience – ability to fly quad/multicopters

Fabrication experience – ability to work with aluminium, plastics and carbon composites to make drone models, test jigs and other parts

Ability to solder and a basic understanding of electronics

A good ability to write clear periodic reports

An understanding of rotary wing/VTOL

Experience with 3DR/Arducopter systems

CAD (solidworks preferred)



You will also need to be located in or within commuting distance of Surrey UK (near the M25) – where our team is based


Interested parties please email your CV to info@hover-bike.com with the Subject title “Technician Application”

Hoverbike looking for a Head Engineer

Malloy Aeronautics Ltd is looking for a aeronautical engineer to head a new project;

Job Specification*

We are a small engineering company, which is working on an exciting
range of UAV and manned vehicles.

In response to a recent vehicle contract, we need to expand our team to
include an aeronautical engineer who can head a small team and take a
vehicle design concept and conduct detailed theoretical analysis of the
vehicle design, including CFD of aerodynamics, power systems, propeller
design and summarise these findings, such that our mechanical engineers
can build scale and full scale models and power systems test benches.

As a Head Aeronautical Engineer, your responsibilities will cover the
following areas:

Conducting detailed theoretical analysis of basic vehicle designs using
analytical and CFD to increase understanding and insight

Analysing results, summarising findings and communicating these to other
members of the team. Managing vehicle research, relevant project and
milestone reports and delegation of required tasks to mechanical
engineer and technician

Empirical testing of scale model subsystems

Identifying potential research areas which would benefit from development

To be considered for this role of Head Aeronautical Engineer, you must

Previous experience of working in a similar engineering role

Fundamental knowledge of aerodynamic principles and application of CFD

Experience in or theoretical understanding of aircraft propulsion systems

Good working experience with CAD (Solidworks preferred but not essential)

An understanding of materials and structure (finite element)

An understanding of rotary wing/VTOL

A good ability to write clear periodic reports

A degree in Aeronautical Engineering or equivalent experience

Applicants with a previous work history in this field are preferred


You will also need to be located in or within commuting distance of Surrey UK – where our team is based.


Interested parties please email your CV to info@hover-bike.com with the Subject title “Head Engineer Application”





We did it!!!

We did it!!! We reached our goal on Kickstarter! Thank you, all of you who have messaged, emailed and called us with your congratulations and kind words. An even bigger thank you to all one hundred and seventy of you who have pledged to Hoverbike so far. No matter how small or large your contribution, it all counts, and we thank you for that. We are extremely pleased, excited and relieved! Of course, having achieved our initial goal, from now on it is all about “how far can we go?!” We are making every effort to maximise this kick start and hoping you will continue to support us in any way you can!

Best regards,

Chris, Grant and The Hoverbike Team.

25th June 2014: Kickstarter Video filming completed

Well, its official: We have finally completed the filming for our Kickstarter Campaign! So that’s now off to the editors to reduce so many hours of excellent footage into so precious few minutes that will be our Kickstarter video. I think it’s going to look good! Its been a lot of fun filming, with some rather interesting camera angles, in some rather interesting locations!

And while I’m on the phone, can I also mention that Marcus got some data during speed tests of our scale model that will soon be for sale on Kickstarter. Over 20 m/s or 40 mph. Take a look at the video in the next post, and here is a photo from the filming last weekend…



25th JUNE 2014: Hoverbike drone Speed Tests

… and here is the video! Apolgies for the poor quality. The most noticeable thing was the angle of attack at full speed. Pretty funky!

27th May 2014: Filming has begun!

Hello Hoverbikers!

We are very excited to announce that the Hover-bike team began filming the first part of our Kickstarter Campaign video yesterday!

We have to wait for the weather to clear before we can film the other half (which could be a couple weeks yet), and then edit it all together but its great that we have finally started. We can’t wait for you to see it, you’re going to see Hoverbike in a whole new light. We even have some of the old footage of test flights that you have been asking for.

Here are a few photos from the shoot yesterday…

Enjoy! Grant

7th May 2014: Calling all T-Shirt designers!

Hey there. Chris here.
Do you have good artistic drawing/graphics skills?
We are gearing up for a ‘potential’ crowd funding launch and our current t-shirt designs are really lacking (that’s because I did them!)
The small profits that we make from t-shirt sales go towards the hoverbike development, however we can offer a percentage of the funds raised from these sales as a ‘commission’ to the artist of that t-shirt.
If the artist likes, we can put their name up on the website or on the image somewhere so everybody knows who they are.
If we get enough good ideas and images we’ll open the selection of the best t-shirt designs here on facebook so you all get to choose and vote (thumbs up) on the best t-shirt designs.

These designs will be put up on the new website – launching soon – promise!! 

If you have something – message us! (well attn it to Grant actually)



17th April 2014: Our new Test Pilot

Grant here: We are finally able to give you an update! Sorry for delay, we have been waiting for our patent to be completed. Now it has been filed, we should be able to get back on track.
Another piece of news; I would like to introduce you to Marcus, our new team member and UAV test pilot. Welcome on board Marcus! As you will all see soon enough, he is an excellent pilot, with experience ranging from fixed wing, rotary wing, kite surfing, sailing and mechanical engineering – if it has anything to do with flying and mechanics you’ll find Marcus already there. He has currently been testing our scale models, and will be the first person in the world to fly the new full scale prototype currently being built!


February 13 2014

Hello everyone.

So, where do I start? The Hoverbike (in a huge crate) arrived safely in the UK in August last year. Since then I have been busy working on the Hoverbike full-time!
We have a company setup now in the UK, funded by an American angel investor (Ben) who has been fantastic.

Grant Stapleton has worked behind the scene for a few years, and is now on board as a director and business partner. You’ll be hearing more from Grant over the coming days and weeks, as Grant will do a far better job at keeping you guys up to date than me, as I seem to have disability when it comes to communication and thank you for your patience so far!

We now have a new workshop in the process of being set up, and a lot of enthusiasm and hope for the future of the Hoverbike.
Though we have a small amount of funding, it is not enough to see us even half way through the development, however we are working on this and will let you know more over the coming days and weeks about what we are doing to remedy this and how you might be able to help 

All the best,

Chris Malloy