Drone 3

Hoverbike Drone3 UAV.  1/3rd scale Hoverbike.
Hoverbike Drone3 UAV.  1/3rd scale Hoverbike.Hoverbike_Drone3_03Hoverbike Drone3 UAV.  1/3rd scale Hoverbike.Hoverbike Drone3 UAV.  With Landing Legs for CameraHoverbike Drone3 UAV.  1/3rd scale Hoverbike.Hoverbike Drone3 UAV.  1/3rd scale Hoverbike.Hoverbike Drone3 UAVHoverbike Drone3 UAV.  1/3rd scale Hoverbike.1_3rd_Grass1_3rd_Trees1_3rd_Under1_3rd_Grass_2Hoverbike Scale Drone over waterHoverbike Drone in ForestHoverbike delivering drink

Our Drone 3 is hand built here in the UK
As we build each drone by hand to order, your Drone 3 will take between 6-8 weeks to ship.

The MA Drone 3 is a multi-purpose UAV with large and easily configurable payload bay, that can be folded for easy transportation.

£1,050 Ex VAT

Product Description

The Drone 3 is a boutique hand built vehicle, made right here in the UK


This drone is an almost identical 1/3rd scale model of the new quadcopter design for the full-sized (manned) Hoverbike and was built and test-flown before we even began work on the full-sized Hoverbike. It was originally created to test various elements of the new full scale prototype that we are now building.

Our drone has safety as its central feature. The ducting around the fans protects people or objects from being damaged by the spinning blades, and the blades themselves are protected from damage.

This drone is shipped with the latest PixHawk flight controller.  And is tuned, flight tested and ready to fly.  All you need to do is bind this to your favorite radio.  If you do not have one, we can recommend a couple of models we think are great to start with.


Below is a typical video of a Drone 3 test flight, before the product was shipped to the customer (we test fly and film all drones before they get shipped)

Please see our Drone 3 User Manual for instructions on use and about this product.




This standard “bind-and-fly” 1/3 Hoverbike drone will be delivered with:

  • 1x Frame
  • 4x Motors
  • 4x Propellers
  • 4x ESC
  • 2x Battery (6Ahr)
  • 1x Flight Controller (Pixhawk)
  • Fully assembled and flight tested (just need to bind to your own radio)


If you have never flown a multicopter before, we highly recommend purchasing a small drone to practice with first (the Hubsan X4 is great to start with).  We designed this 1/3rd scale Hoverbike to be safe and robust, however without rc experience you will be sure to fly your brand new Hoverbike into the ground on the first day and there are practical limits to how strong we can make this!