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“Buster” the Hoverbike Test Pilot


Buster is our affectionately named 1/3rd scale Hoverbike test pilot. CAD drawing are available for free so that you may print him out on your 3D printer.

Click here to view and download Cyborg Buster Files

Product Description

Cyborg Buster is our affectionately named 1/3rd scale test pilot. This intrepid little man has semi-articulated movement in his shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles, and stands 570mm high with his boots on. We designed and purpose-built Buster to represent the various effects of a full-sized man on a full-sized Hoverbike.  Cyborg Buster was built with a normal extrusion type 3D printer and now the CAD designs for Buster are available through the Hoverbike website. His weight will depend on what density setting you choose when you print him out.


Buster is not just a brave test pilot, he is also a Go-Pro camera platform! His head has been designed to hold a Go-Pro camera so that you can film the scene ahead of you looking through his eyes. You can see the front rotors and even Busters hands on the controls along the lower edge of the video, just as if you were seated on the Hoverbike yourself. This feature allows you to fly the routes on your replica scale model that you would like to fly one day on your full-sized Hoverbike, and Buster can capture the action as if it were you flying.

If you ask nicely, Buster may also make himself available for modelling; His fine physique lends itself to artists sketching the human form. He is a great role-playing companion for any child with some imagination, an ideal dress model for toy clothing designers. He could happily sit on a shelf as decoration, and his camera could double as a security monitor in home, office, or for parents to monitor a baby in its room whilst you try in vain to have just one normal dinner with friends downstairs!