• Buster is our affectionately named 1/3rd scale Hoverbike test pilot. CAD drawing are available for free so that you may print him out on your 3D printer.
  • Kick your mission planning into real time with 3DR Radios, featuring interchangeable air and ground modules, Android tablet compatibility, and protective cases. 3DR Radios allow your ground station computer to communicate with your vehicle wirelessly, providing unparalleled ease of use for viewing in-flight data, changing missions on the fly, and tuning.
  • Airspeed Sensor

    £44.00 Ex VAT
    The Pixhawk digital differential airspeed sensor has a very low offset, a high resolution and, best of all, does not suffer from the noise induced by long cables and offsets in the ratio-metric output on the APM 2.6 analog airspeed sensor.
  • Carbon Propellers 14″

    £16.00 Ex VAT
    Our custom carbon propellers are sold as a pair (CW and CCW) for the Hoverbike Drone3 or any other drone types requiring a 14" (356mm)